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Suspect is a table top card game in which teams of two players compete to be the first to figure out which suspect is guilty. Players are each given a hand of cards with information about the current scenario, and the information covers 5 different categories. It is up to the players to use their critical thinking skills to figure out what information is valid in making their verdict. 

This project was a big milestone for me, as it was my first published game and I had the opportunity to go through the entire design process, development process and even part of the manufacturing process. As a co-designer on this project, I worked with Gabriel Hancock through the initial ideation process, playtesting and reiteration of the design and development stage. Nearing the end of our contract, we also were put in charge of the selection and ordering of game pieces from an online service. 

During our time at The Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie, we had discussion about potentially making a digital version of the game, and this may be a future of endeavor of ours.

Top Lane: Heroes VS Villains

Top Lane: Heroes VS Villains is a 2D survival game for PC in which players play as a champion trying to survive an onslaught of enemy minions and champions. The game is endless, and will keep going until players are killed. The difficulty does increase as time goes on, and players need to effectively use their champions skills to survive for as long as they can, as well as obtain as many points as they can.

The inspiration for this game draws heavily on League of Legends, as our team has sunk a lot of hours into the MOBA. We wanted to create an experience that combined the "laning" phase of League of Legends, and the survival/endless aspect of some of our favorite childhood arcade games. 

My role on this project was lead designer, and I focused heavily on maintaining our vision for the game throughout our design process. In terms of creation of the game, I was responsible for coding of the player's champion, enemy minion AI as well as incorporation of music and sound effects to the game.


X-Wing is a 2D side-scrolling survival game for mobile that has players fly through space in their trusty X-Wing spaceship, attempting to destroy enemy spaceships and become the best fighter pilot in the universe.

This was a solo project of mine, and my first fully developed mobile game. The main mechanics of the game are simple, tilt to move the spaceship around, and tap to fire lasers. Despite this, the world of mobile development was really opened up to me by working on this project, and because of it I have gone on to design numerous other mobile prototypes, some of which I hope to fully develop someday just like this one.